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The D4D Hub kicked off its activities in Africa in December 2020 with the goal of strengthening digital collaboration between African and European partners. Since then, the D4D Hub has provided an effective platform for regional multi-stakeholder dialogue, identification of win-win opportunities, and coordination in the implementation of digital initiatives.

Moreover, concrete D4D Hub projects such as the AU-EU D4D Hub, IDEA, and AEDIB|NET have enabled the European Union and its Member States to work hand-in-hand with African institutions, civil society organisations, and innovation ecosystems to advance an inclusive and sustainable digital transformation.

Strengthening the Africa-EU digital partnership

Digital cooperation is a cornerstone of the Africa-EU strategic partnership. At the 6th European Union–African Union Summit in February 2022, leaders from both continents announced a EUR 150 billion Africa-Europe Investment Package, which amongst other priorities aims to accelerate Africa’s sustainable digital transformation.

This ambition aligns with the Global Gateway, the European Union’s strategy to boost smart, clean, and secure investments in connectivity, and the AU Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa 2020 - 2030, which aims to transform Africa’s economies and societies by harnessing digital technologies, the potential of data and innovation for the benefit of people.

In line with its goal to foster multi-stakeholder partnerships and boost investments, the D4D Hub is an important instrument for the European Union and its Member States to support transformational projects across the African continent, strengthening cooperation in jointly identified priority areas.


AU-EU D4D Hub project

As one of the leading initiatives of the D4D Hub, the African Union – European Union (AU-EU) D4D Hub supports African institutions to create an enabling environment for an inclusive and sustainable digital transformation. The project provides demand-driven technical assistance, promotes knowledge sharing, and facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogues.

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Latest news


Towards a certified electronic signature in West Africa

The Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), with the support of the European Union through the Digital for Development (D4D) Hub, is exploring with its Member States best practices and experiences in certified electronic signatures. The aim is to define a roadmap towards a common and concerted approach to the digital economy and society, including e-commerce and e-government.

Du Cabo Verde au Luxembourg: renforcer la cybersécurité

Du 11 au 15 mars 2024, une délégation du Cabo Verde, composée d’une douzaine de responsables en charge de la cybersécurité dans des institutions publiques et privées, était en visite d’étude à Luxembourg.

Team Europe launches new initiative with African partners to strengthen health systems through digitalisation

The EU and its Member States have launched a new Team Europe Initiative on digital health that will support African partners to significantly strengthen healthcare systems and bring the continent a step closer to universal health coverage.

EU and EAC build bridges for data protection in East Africa: second knowledge exchange on data protection

The European Commission, through two initiatives (the Data Governance in Africa Initiative and the African Union European Union (AU-EU) Digital for Development (D4D) Hub Project), and in collaboration with the East African Community (EAC), is supporting the implementation of data protection frameworks in East Africa.

Implementing a national AI policy: Key lessons from Rwanda

A delegation composed of members from the Ministry of Communications, Telecommunications and Digital Economy (MCTEN) of Senegal, academia and the private sector embarked on a study tour to Rwanda, an African pioneer in digital innovation.

Créativité collaborative déchaînée : Le Hackathon de Tanger fait progresser les initiatives Open Data

L'Agence de Développement du Digital (ADD) et Enabel, l'Agence belge de développement, ont organisé le Hackathon #OpenData qui s'est tenu les 14 et 15 novembre 2023 à Tanger, et ce, à travers le Programme Digital for Development (D4D) Hub Union Africaine – Union Européenne (UA-UE)

Team Europe and Nigeria collaborate to enhance data protection awareness

In partnership with the NDPC, the African Union - European Union (AU-EU) Digital for Development (D4D) Hub Project and the GIZ Digital Transformation Center (DTC) Nigeria are jointly organising a data protection training to foster a comprehensive understanding of the principles, regulations, and best practices associated with safeguarding sensitive information.

EAC-EU develop joint roadmap to foster digital transformation in East Africa

Both sides committed to foster a human-centric digital transformation in East Africa to utilise digital technologies and innovations for regional integration

Towards an inclusive and green digital transformation

The D4D Hub contributes to strengthening the AU-EU strategic partnership and meeting the ambitions of the Global Gateway.