Eight innovative projects

The D4D Hub facilitates digital cooperation among European and international partners for a sustainable and inclusive digital future globally. Take a look at our innovative projects.

AU-EU D4D Hub project

Who is involved
The EU and five D4D Hub members (Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, and Luxembourg)


The AU-EU D4D Hub project supports African institutions to lay grounds for an inclusive digital transformation. It offers a comprehensive package of services, products and activities aimed at creating an enabling environment for Africa to seize digitalisation opportunities.

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The African European Digital Innovation Bridge (AEDIB)

Who is involved
Initiated by EU Member States (France, Belgium, and Germany) and the European Commission, the AEDIB brings together 14 partners from Europe and Africa which are experienced in building innovation ecosystems on both continents


The AEDIB establishes a network of African and European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) to create and strengthen a common African-European digital innovation ecosystem, where national, pan-African and intercontinental innovation partnerships between stakeholders in innovation clusters are created along thematic, technological and entrepreneurial challenges (i.e. Climate Smart Agriculture, Digital Trade/E-Commerce and Smart Cities) and joint solution development is facilitated.

EU-AU Data Flagship

Who is involved
Initiated by EU Member States (France, Belgium, and Germany) and African Union Commission, European Commission, Smart Africa, Germany


To support the development of an EU/AU joint and non-binding data framework based on shared values and principles and with the objectives of protecting citizens’ rights, assuring data sovereignty and supporting the creation of the African Single Digital Market.

Innovation Dialogue Europe Africa (IDEA)

Who is involved
planned future action by the European Commission and Germany and implemented by Smart Africa, Betterplace.Lab, Enabel, Expertise France and GIZ.


To enable civil society organisations and academia to take up a role in promoting digital rights by strengthening their capacities and facilitating their active participation to multi-stakeholder dialogues.

Digital Actions tailor-made against COVID-19 In Eastern and Southern Africa (RESICODI)

The RESICODI Action improves resilience to COVID-19 and future crises through digital solutions which improve basic education, TVET and health services

Who is involved

Co-financed by the European Union and Germany, implemented by the Belgian and German development agencies Enabel and GIZ.


To mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Eastern and Southern Africa by implementing or strengthening digital solutions to improve the quality, efficiency and continuity of basic education, TVET and health services.

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Digital Actions tailor-made against COVID-19 In the IGAD Region

Digital solutions to strengthen disease surveillance and monitoring systems for Covid-19

Who is involved

Co-financed by European Union and Germany and implemented by GIZ


To mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic in the IGAD Region by providing a Digital Surveillance & Monitoring solution for infectious diseases to IGAD and its member states with a particular focus on border regions and supporting IGAD & Member States by implementing a Health Data Sharing Policy for the region.

Digital Actions tailor-made against COVID-19 In ACP countries

ACP-EU digital connectivity and digital solutions to strengthen the resilience of education, health and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) systems to COVID-19

Who is involved

financed by the European Union and implemented by France (Agence Française de Développement and Expertise France) and Belgium (Enabel).


The project is aiming at mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the ACP countries through: 1) improved Connectivity Services for education, health services and MSMEs; 2) reinforced Digital services to foster continuity of education and health services; 3) MSMEs supported in their digital transition and continuity of business during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Who is involved
Germany and the European Commission


To tackle the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with innovative digital solutions. Several institutions and organisations supported the selection of the nine winning projects, including the European Commission and eight EU Member States (Germany, Belgium, Estonia, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg and Portugal), partners from the African Union, Afrolynk and Smart Africa, technology companies such as Airbus, Orange, SAP, Vodafone, and civil society organisations such as APC and Betterplace.Lab.

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