Strengthening the education system in Burundi with digital tools, a real good idea?


In Burundi, in the framework of the Action on Resilience to COVID-19 through digitalisation (RESICODI), 8 trade training centres are in the process of launching their new digital tools and enabling learners to learn new digital techniques.
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How does this impact on the organisation of the centre and the teachers? What do learners think? Discover through various testimonies the challenges and expectations that this transformation represents.

"I hope that the Rutana training centre will serve as an example for other centres and schools in the area. By organising regular visits with other learners and trainers from surrounding schools, we hope that the desire to learn about new technologies will reach a wider audience and that communities will become aware of the importance of integrating digital technology in education. - Simeon NGENZEBUHORO, Provincial Director of Education in Rutana (DPE)

"Enabel has supported us in the process of creating content that is then placed on the servers. Thanks to these tools we now have remote access to many resources without having to travel many kilometres. This will really help us in the quality of teaching" - Jean Népomuscene NAHIMANA, Technical Director (CPF Buterere)

"In our trade education sector, which may seem less attractive in Burundi, we hope that digital tools will make certain courses more attractive and that learners will be even more motivated. (...) We have already organised awareness-raising visits to encourage them to come and discover our centre. We hope that in addition to inspiring future learners, it will also be an opportunity for teachers to come and prepare their lessons and integrate digital technology into their teaching. - Claver NITUNGA, Director of the Centre d'Enseignement des Métiers de Gitaba

"I believe that the tools that have arrived in our centre will make our daily work easier. It is not an additional workload. It will allow us to do more research, deepen our courses and at the same time allow the learners to familiarise themselves with the digital tool (...) It gives me a real advantage in the profession and I don't want to go back to the old way. Now I can use the textbook available but also complementary resources that will allow me to complete what is provided in the textbook to correct gaps or to better adapt to future requirements. Fidèle NIYONKURU, Non-ICT Trainer (CFP Mugerama)

"I think it is important that in the future we have sufficient equipment and many trainers who are knowledgeable in information and communication technologies (ICT), not to mention sensitising other young people on the importance of digitalisation." Linka Niganze - Learner (CPF Buterere)

"As far as the maintenance of the equipment is concerned, I am confident that the school will be able to arrange for maintenance with the profits brought back from each stream. Moreover, with the training I have undergone I have been able to develop certain skills in the maintenance of computer equipment. As a trainer, I also want to commit myself to ensuring the use and proper functioning of the equipment in the computer room. It will also be important to sensitise the learners and the school management not to damage and preserve what we have received. We have therefore sent grievances to the director in order to get the right maintenance material as well." - Frederic MINANI, ICT trainer (CFP Mugerama)

"Since digital technology has been integrated into the teaching of our centre, there has been a real added value in terms of the quality of the training. Learning becomes easy because it can be materialised through a video on the Ideas Cube server." - Joselyne NIYOMWUNGERE, Trainer (CPF Buterere)

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