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Credit: Senegal Ministère de la Communication, des Télécommunications et de l'Économie Numérique

Le Sénégal dévoile sa nouvelle stratégie IA : Un effort collaboratif avec l’Équipe Europe

Le développement de la nouvelle stratégie IA du Sénégal façonne une trajectoire qui embrasse un avenir numérique transformateur.

A dialogue with civil society and local authorities to advance the EU-LAC Digital Alliance

Takeaways of the D4D Hub participation at the EU-LAC Forum

EU and LAC leaders endorse the EU-LAC Digital Alliance Joint Declaration

Highlights from the third EU-CELAC Summit

With the support of Team Europe, Uganda moves forward on its digital transformation journey

Through the AU-EU Digital for Development (D4D) Hub, the European Union and its Member States are stepping up their support for Uganda's digital transformation ambitions

Maroc: L'Agence de Développement du Digital (ADD) sensibilise les organismes et institutions publics de la région Tanger-Tétouan-Al-Hoceima à l'Open Data

Avec le soutien du D4D Hub UA-UE, L'Agence de Développement du Digital (ADD) a organisé des ateliers de sensibilisation et de formation sur l'Open Data les 13 et 14 juin 2023 à Tanger

Three recommendations to boost innovation through multi-stakeholder collaboration

African digital transformation leaders shared their insights at the e-Governance Conference 2023

Namibia and Uganda lay grounds for effective delivery of public services in the digital age

The AU-EU D4D Hub has launched two new technical assistance missions aimed at strengthening citizens’ digital skills in Namibia and improving the interoperability of Uganda’s educational information systems

#TAS2023: Giving youth a seat at the table to shape Africa’s digital future

AU-EU D4D Hub youth delegates at the Transform Africa Summit share their main takeaways from the event