Promoting our shared digital values

The Digital for Development (D4D) Hub began its engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in December 2021, supporting regional multi-stakeholder dialogue and the identification of joint priorities in the digital field.

As the EU-LAC digital partnership gains political impetus and leaders from both regions vow to boost cooperation for a responsible and inclusive digital transformation, the D4D Hub provides a strategic platform for stakeholders from both regions to openly discuss expectations and opportunities, allowing them to actively contribute to set a joint agenda.

EU-LAC Digital Alliance

Towards a stronger digital partnership

Launched in March 2023, the EU-LAC Digital Alliance is the first regional digital partnership between the EU and LAC countries. Supported by an initial contribution of €145 million from Team Europe, its goal is to foster the development of secure, resilient, and human-centric digital infrastructures based on a values-based framework.

Together with the UN Economic Commission for LAC (ECLAC), the D4D Hub serves as the main platform to ensure multi-stakeholder coordination in the framework of the EU-LAC Digital Alliance.


EU-LAC digital cooperation in action

The EU-LAC Digital Alliance will support a number of Global Gateway initiatives, including:

  • Extension of the BELLA fibre-optic cable, building secure digital backbone connectivity and bringing the research communities of the EU and LAC closer together.
  • Implementation of a regional Copernicus strategy including two regional Copernicus data centres in Panama and Chile.
  • Establishment of an EU-LAC Digital Accelerator to foster multi-stakeholder and private sector collaboration, competitiveness, skills, and innovation in the digital area. This will include the promotion of impact investments and support to the delivery of e-services by both public and private entities.
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Latest news


Exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence with Latin America and the Caribbean

Artificial Intelligence could change the world. The EU-LAC Digital Alliance met on 13 March in Montevideo, Uruguay, to discuss how to identify and mitigate the risks of AI while seizing the opportunities for socio-economic growth.

Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean step up cooperation on cybersecurity

The EU-LAC Digital Alliance held a high-level policy dialogue on cybersecurity on 14-16 February 2024 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as the first dialogue following the 2023 Digital Alliance Days. Two regions, one goal: join forces to tackle one of the main threats of our time: cyber-attacks.

EU-LAC: Taking our digital alliance to the next level

Interview with Félix Fernández-Shaw, Director for Latin America and the Caribbean at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships

EU-LAC Digital Alliance partners agree on joint areas of collaboration towards 2025 Summit

EU-LAC Digital Alliance partners have agreed on joint areas of collaboration on digital matters, marking an important milestone in the strengthening of the bi-regional digital partnership following the endorsement of a Joint Declaration at the third EU-CELAC Summit in July 2023.

A dialogue with civil society and local authorities to advance the EU-LAC Digital Alliance

Takeaways of the D4D Hub participation at the EU-LAC Forum

EU and LAC leaders endorse the EU-LAC Digital Alliance Joint Declaration

Highlights from the third EU-CELAC Summit

Building trusted and sustainable connections

The D4D Hub is a key instrument to advance EU-LAC digital cooperation and deliver on shared ambitions under the Global Gateway.