AU-EU D4D Hub at the e-Governance Conference 2023

30.05.2023 — 31.05.2023

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Digital innovation as catalyst for social change

The e-Governance Conference, the most influential e-governance event in the international arena, brings together strategists, decision-makers, policy implementers, and donors to chart a future course for digital governance. This year, the conference explored how digital innovation can serve as a catalyst for social change and improve the welfare of societies and citizens. The programme examined drivers for viable social change, from capacity building to a culture of cybersecurity.

Panel discussion

The collaborative road to innovation

How can cooperation between governments, the private sector, civil society, and academia foster innovation in the public sector?

This session, hosted by the African Union – European Union Digital for Development (D4D) Hub, gathered African policymakers and digital stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges of working together in developing and implementing innovative e-governance policies for sustainable and inclusive change.

Panellists built on their practical experiences in setting up collaborative partnerships to draw lessons and recommendations for e-governance practitioners from around the world.

The panel discussion took place on 30 May at 16:00 (EET).


  • Cecilia Maundu, Senior Editor, National Broadcasting Corporation, Kenya


  • Emma Theofelus, Vice Minister of ICT, Namibia
  • Dr. Aminah Zawedde - Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Uganda
  • Koffi Fabrice Djossou - Senior Programme Manager, West African Development Bank

Learning from each other's experiences

The e-Governance Conference 2023 also served as an opportunity for the AU-EU D4D Hub to exchange with government representatives from different African countries. 25 policymakers from seven African countries were invited to the event to share their own experiences, learn from other African and European countries’ digital transformation journeys, and discuss new and ongoing collaborations.


Reporting trip for African journalists

The AU-EU D4D Hub sponsored a reporting trip for three African journalists to attend the e-Governance Conference in person. The purpose of this activity was to promote a broader public debate on e-governance across the African continent and to ensure that the outcomes of the event permeate to other sectors of society.


ToughEST lessons of digitalization

Estonia has been able to build up one of the world’s prime digital societies, accumulating lessons learned along the way. The ecosystem that ensured the continuity and sustainability of public sector services for citizens and enterprises during the Covid-19 crisis, which has a demonstrable and tangible impact on improving citizen participation and quality of life. This provides resilience during any crisis, be it health-related or in the context of a war.

Estonian ICT Cluster members strongly believe that no matter the continent, countries around the world do not have to reinvent the wheel and can learn from the mistakes that we have made, and we are not ashamed to share them!

At this session, supported by the AU-EU D4D Hub project, Estonian experts were put on the “hot seat” to ask them about the mistakes made along the road and potential failures to avoid making digital transformation happen.

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