Seminar: Enablers of the digital government

4.04.2023 00:00 UTC+2

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AU-EU D4D Hub project

As part of the AU-EU D4D Hub project, the e-Governance Academy conducted a seminar in Harare, Zimbabwe, which provided an introduction to different aspects of digital government.

The purpose of the seminar, which took place on 4 April 2023, was to present Estonian and Team Europe expertise on e-governance and to listen to the digital transformation priorities of Zimbabwe’s public and private sectors.

The topics of the seminar touched on a broader context of digital transformation, including the necessity of public sector reforms and benefits to citizens. The seminar also covered more specialised topics such as base registries, interoperability framework, digital identity and digital services that can be built on these basic building blocks, including change management.

The event was attended by government officials responsible for digital government projects, including the Ministry of Information Communication Technology, the Postal and Courier Sevices, the Bureau of Business Registry, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Education, as well as representatives of academia and the private sector.


  • Heiko Vainsalu, Programme Director of Technology, e-Governance Academy
  • Francisca Onai Midzi, Programme Officer, EU Delegation Zimbabwe
  • Randel Länts, Senior Expert of Change Management, e-Governance Academy
  • Tiina Viiderfeld, Project Manager, e-Governance Academy