Implementing the Digital Transformation Roadmap of Uganda

19.04.2023 08:30 UTC+3

National ICT Innovation Hub Nakawa

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The workshop “Implementing the Digital Transformation Roadmap of Uganda'' gathered key stakeholders of Uganda’s digital ecosystem and local European cooperation partners. Hosted by the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, the event's objective was to present the new Digital Transformation Roadmap of Uganda and co-develop a coordination approach for European partners to contribute to achieving its objectives.

The workshop, which took place on 19 April at the National ICT Innovation Hub Nakawa, was facilitated by GIZ Uganda, Enabel and EstDev as part of the AU-EU D4D Hub, with the support of UNDP and Cluj IT.

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Fostering coordination between Team Europe and Ugandan partners

With the participation of over 100 representatives of the private sector, civil society, international partners, and academia, an important objective of the workshop was to foster better coordination of efforts so that all partners in the digital ecosystem contribute towards a common goal.

“Experience has shown that actors often end up duplicating efforts due to lack of coordination, or great initiatives are not utilised to their full potential due to lack of information sharing. Strong leadership is needed to ensure the coordination is effective, and Uganda can look to other countries, both African and European, for best practices on how this can be achieved. Today we started the process, and we are looking forward to more exchanges in future,” declared Mr. James Macbeth Forbes, Country Director at GIZ Uganda.

Facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue

The workshop gives continuity to the dialogue started in May 2022 with the “Mapping the Digital Savannah” event. For the first time, Ugandan and European representatives from all stakeholder groups came together to brainstorm on the key priority areas and map out which actors are active in the digital transformation process. An online stakeholder map was developed as a result of this workshop.