Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development in Africa

19.03.2022 00:00 UTC+1

Africa-Europe D4D Hub Multi-Stakeholder Forum 2022
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European Union
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AU-EU D4D Hub project

Thank you for joining us

Co-hosted by the African Union and the European Union, the first Africa-Europe D4D Hub Multi-Stakeholder Forum took place online on 18 March 2022 with the objective of giving digital stakeholders (private sector, governments, academia, and civil society) the opportunity to contribute to joint AU-EU efforts to build a digital economy and society that leaves no one behind.

Facilitated by the AU-EU Digital for Development (D4D) Hub project under the theme "Digital transformation for sustainable development in Africa”, the event comprised 13 sessions in which 87 speakers and moderators shared their views on connectivity, data governance, digital entrepreneurship and innovation, amongst other topics. 1637 people from 580 organisations joined the event throughout the day.

We expect this forum to become the first step in a multi-stakeholder engagement journey that will advance the partnership between African and European digital communities.


Main takeaways

The Africa-Europe D4D Hub Multi-Stakeholder Forum demonstrated the wish to work together to promote a sustainable and inclusive digital transformation. The digital ecosystems of Europe and Africa are based on values, and they put people at the centre of digital innovation. Whether it is about sustainable growth, digital ID systems, or the Global Gateway, panellists agreed that participatory processes, co-creative approaches, and equitable frameworks, which help citizens to trust digital infrastructures, are a prerequisite for leaving no one behind.

Digital at the heart of AU-EU relations

The Africa-Europe D4D Hub Multi-Stakeholder Forum was held one month after the EU-AU Summit, Africa-Europe Week, and the EU-Africa Business Forum, key events for the AU-EU partnership where digital cooperation took a central role in the agenda. In line with the African Union’s Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa, leaders from both continents announced an Africa-Europe Investment Package, which amongst other priorities aims to accelerate Africa’s digital transition.

The Africa-Europe D4D Hub Multi-Stakeholder Forum followed up on these ambitions and will provide a platform to discuss concrete joint actions and opportunities for cooperation.

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