Advancing Africa-Europe digital cooperation through knowledge sharing: Presentation of the D4D Access platform

26.01.2023 12:30 UTC+1

DG International partnerships (DG INTPA) Infopoint conference
Region or country
European Union
Project or initiative
AU-EU D4D Hub project
Hybrid (online and in DG INTPA, Rue de la Loi 41, 1000 Brussels)

Thank you for joining the debate

As digitalisation is systematically and rapidly becoming an important part of our economies and societies, the global demand for know-how, skills and experiences related to the topic is increasing.

D4D Access is a knowledge platform that centralises, promotes, and disseminates African and European good practices and lessons on Digital for Development (D4D). Covering a wide range of topics, from e-governance to digital entrepreneurship, D4D Access contains many useful resources to support digital stakeholders in Africa and Europe – public institutions, donors, academia, companies, and civil society organisations – to advance an inclusive and sustainable digital transformation.

The event featured :

  • An exchange of views on the catalyst role that knowledge sharing plays in advancing inclusive and sustainable digital transformation.
  • The presentation of D4D Access, the main features of the platform, the available knowledge products and how stakeholders can contribute to it.

A special thanks to our speakers who fostered a very interesting debate and Q&A.

Below some pictures of the event
Speakers from AU-EU D4D Hub project, Vodafone and DG INTPA debating on-site on knowledge sharing.
The Gambia's Principal ICT Officer Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy giving his opinion on knowledge sharing's value and impact.
Introduction speech of the Acting Director for Africa, DG INTPA.
Lead for Knowledge Sharing of the AU-EU D4D Hub project presenting D4D Access.

AU-EU D4D Hub implementing partners