AU-EU D4D Hub project launches Africa D4D Journalism Competition


Call for applications open until 28 February 2022

The African Union — European Union (AU-EU) Digital for Development (D4D) Hub just launched the first Africa D4D Journalism Competition.

The competition is open to all African journalists who use online media to report on the impact of digital technologies on people’s lives across the African continent, and the policies needed to reap their benefits for sustainable and inclusive development. We are seeking high-quality and in-depth stories that contribute to raise awareness on the importance of building a digital economy and society that leaves no one behind.

Deadline to participate: 28 February 2022

To participate in the competition, journalists are invited to send an in-depth article or reportage on one of the following subjects:

  1. Connectivity: Opportunities and challenges to increase internet coverage across the continent and close the urban-rural divide.
  2. Digital skills: Innovative solutions for the African population (including youth and women) to build the skills and expertise needed to access jobs and participate in the digital economy.
  3. Digital entrepreneurship: How to support local digital entrepreneurship ecosystems for internet-enabled businesses to grow, create jobs, and contribute to sustainable development.
  4. e-Governance: Opportunities and challenges for governments to offer online services to the population.
  5. e-Commerce: Potential and barriers to online trading of goods and services, including across borders.
  6. Digital financial services: Measures to improve access to online banking, including payments, credit, savings, remittances, and insurance.
  7. Cybersecurity: How to tackle digital threats and malicious cyber activities and reduce vulnerabilities.
  8. Privacy and data protection: How to strengthen a rights-based approach to internet users’ privacy and data protection.

The submitted articles/reportages should have already been published in an online media.

Click here for more information and the submission form.