Working hands-on to advance digital cooperation between #TeamEurope and our global partners

The Digital for Development (D4D) Hub is a strategic multi-stakeholder platform that fosters digital cooperation between #TeamEurope and global partners. Its aim is to leverage the EU and Member States’ digital expertise and resources for increased impact.

In this spirit, D4D Hub projects are implementing many activities around the world. From providing technical assistance to governments, creating bridges between digital innovation ecosystems, to promoting digitalisation of public services and SMEs, D4D Hub projects are leading the way to innovative and inclusive digital transformation.

Four D4D Hub projects were presented in a stand at the European Development Days (EDD), showcasing very concrete examples on how the EU and its Member States are operationalising the Global Gateway’s ambition to accelerate the digital transition and connectivity in partner countries. The projects embrace the EU’s human-centric approach to digital transformation, embody its determination to work as #TeamEurope for enhanced impact, and materialise its commitment to foster multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Moreover, the projects aim to leverage digitalisation to address some of the most pressing development priorities the EU is working on with its partners: job creation, entrepreneurship and innovation, resilience to COVID-19, gender equality, opportunities for youth, and data governance, amongst others.

Discover our projects

  • The AU-EU D4D Hub provides technical assistance to African institutions, promotes exchanges of knowledge, and facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogues.
  • The DIRECCT programme supports the connectivity and digitalisation of health, education and small businesses in ACP countries to better cope with current and future economic shocks.
  • Resilience to COVID-19 through digitalisation (RESICODI) uses digital solutions to strengthen the resilience of education and health systems to COVID-19 in the Eastern, Southern Africa and Indian Ocean region.
  • AEDIB|NET supports local digital innovation and start-up ecosystems in Africa and facilitates the collaboration between European and African Digital Innovation Hubs.

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