The voice of civil society & academia in human-centric digital transformation

Civil society and academia are crucial partners for the D4D Hub to promote a values-based digital transformation as supported by the European Union and the D4D Hub. Civil society organizations (CSOs) give a voice to marginalized and vulnerable groups and help to hold governments and the private sector accountable. The academic community, on the other hand, provides the evidence basis for shaping a digital transformation that works for people and the planet. To include these important stakeholder groups into the D4D Hub's decision-making, the Civil Society and Academia Working Group (CSAAG) was launched in February 2023.

Apply now to join the advisory group, network with likeminded contacts, and ensure crucial voices will be heard in D4D Hub decision-making.

The Civil Society and Academia Advisory Group in a nutshell

The CSAAG is a consultative body of the D4D Hub. Its primary goal is to ensure that the needs of society for a human-centric digital transformation are addressed by the D4D Hub. Following an inclusive multi-stakeholder approach, the group will share knowledge and provide input on the D4D Hub's relevant areas of activity. In a first step, quarterly meetings of the CSAAG will foster exchanges with stakeholders in Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific.

What are the benefits for members?

  • Contribute decisively to an evidence-based, human-centric digital transformation
  • Showcase your work, experiences, achievements, research and best practices to a global audience
  • Stay up to date with the different programmes, projects and initiatives under the D4D Hub,
  • including Team Europe Initiatives;
  • ... and many more!

Who can become a member?

  • Networks of CSOs and academia/research organisations working with digital topics; networks are defined as an entity representing ten or more relevant organisations of CSOs, research organisations, academic institutions of think tanks.
  • Pioneers among CSOs and academia/research organisations working with digital topics; pioneers must have proven expertise in digital topics and a significant body of research or work in terms of executed projects, events as well as impact and results directly related to the core principles of the D4D Hub.

Applicants must have their main activities in Europe and its parnter countries in Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, Central Asian as well as ASEAN countries and have a keen interest in digital topics, policy and/or research.


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