D4D Hub Advisory Groups

The D4D Hub promotes a human centric, inclusive, and sustainable digital transformation using a multi-stakeholder approach. To fully live up to its principle of inclusiveness, it is critical for the D4D Hub to work closely with different stakeholder groups. Therefore, in addition to regional branches, thematic working groups representing Member States, the D4D Hub also has two advisory groups:

The advisory groups help the D4D Hub Secretariat involve key stakeholders in a structured and effective way and offer opportunities for members to directly participate in the formulation of digital policy, programmes and initiatives.

What are the goals?

  • Ensure human centric digital transformation and enhance enabling environment for inclusive digital transformation by representing businesses, citizens, marginalised groups, researchers, and grassroots movements
  • Promote diversity and a large variety of opinions and topics
  • Contribute to the EU and its partners with technical, scientific and thematic expertise
  • Strengthen civil society, academia and private sector representation and meaningful participation in the D4D Hub structure
  • Build capacity of all stakeholders

What are the benefits for members?

  • Contribute to policy design of the EU and Member States on digital transformation
  • Advise on the formulation of new programmes and “Team Europe Initiatives” through the thematic working groups and regional branches
  • Partnering for new programmes around topics where businesses, civil society and academia have expertise and reach

What will the Advisory Groups do?

  • Advise the thematic working groups and regional branches of the D4D Hub on strategic topics
  • Participate in D4D Hub high level events (such as the D4D Hub Multi-Stakeholder Forums)
  • Share studies, research, approaches, innovations, expertise and experiences with each other and within the D4D Hub
  • Ensure members are aware of the EU’s political and strategic priorities
  • Form “Communities of Practice” on specific topics

Who can become a member?

  • Private companies and networks/associations of private companies
  • Networks and pioneers of civil society or academia organizations

Note: further details on membership criteria, the application process and link to the application form can be found in the respective Terms of Reference (see pages below).

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